12 Facts About Children Every Parent Must Know

Here are some facts about children that will help you in understanding the nature and character of children while raising them:

1. A child's 'psychological' needs is more important than a child's 'material' needs. These two should be distinctly handled one shouldn't overlap.

2. The subconscious mind of a child is more "active" than the consciousness of an adult. reason why they learn things you can never imagine or things you never taught them. How? They are very smart compared to their age; It is not by age!

3. Children love gifts; they are the world's best lovers of gifts. Always get it for them if you can.

4. Their obedience and allegiance can be bought with cash, gifts and affection. (naturally children develop soft spots for anybody they get these three for them, including strangers!)

5. Children adores adventure and funfair: Don't deny them these, for they are contributing factors that help them realize their potentials early. Free them! give them the privilege to play with their friends and mates, allow them to go for holidays, make the arrangements for them. It mustn't necessarily be abroad. There are numerous benefits of outdoor play.

6. Children hates threats and elements of force: don't threaten them with Cane, Food, money, Funfair, Education, Electronic gadgets etc. Threats and force hardens them and makes them more rebellious.

7. Children are very observant. They watch and study your attitudes and behaviours always. Don't you ever make the mistake of underrating the mind of a child. You think they won't understand because of their young nature? No! The day they will demonstrate a particular behaviours or say a particular thing, you would be shocked to your feet.

8. Children hates punishment; it makes them sad in the spirit and changes their opinion about you and life in its entirety. Correction is not punishment.

9. They are gullible: They believe all  promises including the impossible ones. They believe whatever they see and hear.

10. Children loves attention and care (even if you have to fake it out, please do and make them happy by demonstrating affectionate gestures)

11. Children trust easily, they trust with high hopes. Don't make them distrust you. Say what you will do and do what you say.

12. Children subconsciously copy exact pattern of  their parent's life. (This is seen in the saying " like father like son or like mother like daughter " "Blood will always tell)

Dear Parents be conscious of the manner in which you talk and act in front of your children. If you are vulgar or vain in talks, you don't censor what you say at home in the presence of your kids or over the phone, then you need to amend your ways or get ready for a call from their school management someday, when they must have exhibited or demonstrated an advanced version of your lifestyle in a grand style.

Always model positive attitudes and behaviours for them to emulate.

I hope these facts helps you understand more about the nature and character of children.

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Cheers .

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