Top 15 Values Healthy For The Kids Brains

Train up your children in the ways they should go, so that when they are all grown, they won't depart nor deviate from the foundational trainings. It is the foundation laid that would hold a structure up. If it is weak, the structure is bound to buckle and collapse. If it's strong, it would always stand the test of time.

As parents, it is important to model virtues, values, positive attitudes, behaviours and characters for your children to emulate because you are their number one role model.

It is also important to know and understand that family values such as washing the dishes immediately after meal, making bed after waking up in the morning, sweeping the room when it is dirty, putting away their school bags at the appropriate place after school and so on - are different from core values that is self sustaining, which guides them throughout their entire life even when you are no longer there as a parent or guardian.

Family Values and Core Values are like the two sides of a coin. The two are important but different and should be distinctly handled, one shouldn't overlap.

Below are the 15 core values and virtues you should teach your children:

1. Teach them how to Pray: Praying with them always, following the morning and night routine daily and studying the bible or other holy books together with them tells there is God at such shapes their belief system and faith through communication with the supreme being via the vehicle of prayer. It's like a seed you must plant it in them first, before it will germinate, grow and bear fruits.

2. Teach them about Life: Let them know the ups and downs of life. Let them understand that life is characterized by numerous uncertainties at such they shouldn't expect too much from life. Let them understand everything in life has a price attached to it, nothing happens by chance, nothing is without a price. A price and sacrifice has to be paid and made in order to gain or achieve anything in life. Let them know that Life is not a Bed of Roses.

3. Teach them to be Honest: Let them know that honesty is a dignified virtue and should be paramount in their dealings with things and fellow humans. Let them understand that a good name and reputation is more important than wealth.

4. Teach them self Efficacy and self Motivation: Let them understand that the primary source of motivation and happiness is their selves. Let them know that sometimes close friends, families, associates or the government will disappoint them or fail to motivate them. In this kind of situation they are to motivate themselves and keep living. Even if they find themselves at the bottom position in life.

5. Teach them Diligence: Let them
 understand that laziness doesn't pay but handwork pays, most importantly smart work. Let them know that Rome was not built in a day. It takes persistency and consistency to achieve or surmount anything in life.

6. Teach them how to Love and Kindness: Let them understand that love conquers everything in life. In reality, these two are among the fundamental virtues diminishing in our world today. Unless we love ourselves and others, crises will remain inevitable.

7. Teach them Patience and Perseverance: Let them understand that life is not static likewise everything in life. That the ability to be patient and persevere even in the most difficult situations and circumstances is golden. Let them understand that someday that very difficult conditions or challenges will disappear or pass away. That a patient dog eats the fattest bone.

8. Teach them Integrity: Let them know that the only system that works is being who they are when others are not watching. Teach them to be true to their words and pilot their affairs in a transparent bowls.

9. Teach them contentment: Let them understand that greed is not good for their health and the society. Let them derive satisfaction in their little winnings and never to take anything that is not theirs or accrued to them in life.

10. Teach them Loyalty and Allegiance: Let them understand the rules of friendship and teach them that betrayal is dangerous and should be avoided.

11. Teach them Emotional Intelligence: Empathy is one of the most vital emotional intelligence skills that could be deployed in controlling ones emotions. Teach them the control mechanisms that will help them in dealing with their emotions when stirred up. Let them understand that it's negative to allow anger to overrule or becloud their sense of reasoning. Anger is never a good messenger of truth.

12. Teach them not to be Judgmental: Being judgemental generates negative energies that's antithetical to progress and growth. Let them understand the need to think, reason, and analyse before they take a position or react to any situation in life. And never to look down on other people.

13. Teach them Responsibility: Train them to be responsible individuals in the society. Let them understand that every stage or phase in life comes with responsibilities. Every decision has accompanying responsibilities that must be carried out. Life generally is characterized by inevitable responsibilities.

14. Teach them how to be Charitable: Let them know that God and humanity loves a cheerful and generous giver. Blessed is the hand that giveth than the one that takes. Let them understand that compassion is a good life ingredient that gives fulfillment because we can do no great things on earth, only small things with great love.

15. Teach them Leadership: Let them understand that it is good to be public spirited, that Selfishness is negative. Let them know that one should sometimes go out of his or her ways to think about the interests of others, and it doesn't even hurt to put the interest of others first sometimes.

The truth is that the young shall grow and the nature and character of our future world will be determined and tinted by the quality of young people we groom today.

As a parent and mentor who takes his or her children upbringing and parenting journey as a serious business, you should make effort to instill these core values and virtues in them.

I hope these core values helps you in raising the future generations appropriately?


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