10 Top Ways Of Managng Anxiety At Home

Study reveals that the rate of people experiencing anxiety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic have skyrocketed all over the world. The fear of being infected by the novel Corona virus has held so many people spellbound.

Anxiety is a mental health disorder characterized by feeling of intense worry or fear that is strong enough to interfere with one's daily living activities. Anxiety has the following symptoms: fear, hot and cold flushes, rapid breathing, fatigue, panic attack, sweating, restlessness, racing heart, among others.

Here are 10 remarkable ways of managing anxiety at home amidst the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Relaxation:
 It is important to always take a rest and relax our body. A relaxed and well rested body is important for our general health and well-being. Stressful situations or conditions has enormous capacity to cause anxiety and high blood pressures. A person who is experiencing an over whelming feelings of fear and anxiousness needs a good relaxation on daily basis. Taking a break will do you lots of good and help in tackling anxiety.

 2. Physical exercise: 
Exercise is highly recommended in promoting healthy living and overall well being. It helps to circulate the blood around our body, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve blood flow and most importantly decrease the risk of developing heart diseases, such as diabetics, strokes etc. Due to the presence of Covid-19 all over the globe, governments of every nation has declared  that, people should stay at home following the WHO directives. This has caused inactivity and lack of body movements, thereby increasing the rate of people experiencing anxiety globally today. There are numerous home and indoor exercises one can take advantage of during this pandemic. Choose the ones you like and get on with it!

3. Reduce television viewing: 
The presence of the pandemic and the horrible deaths stories emanating from different parts of the world got everyone glued to the television 24 hours all day long. The television is the source of news for everyone, where all the numbers of confirmed cases of infected people and deaths are frequently broadcasted. The more the breaking news of death tolls and confirmed cases keeps coming up on one's television channels, the more frightened and anxious one may get. It is advisable to reduce the number of hours spent viewing the television during this period in order to avoid racing heart.

4. Reduce stress: 
Stressful activities or situations are also found to be responsible in making the body feel anxious. When stressed over time, the body reads and interprets it as danger thereby releasing stress hormones in order to avoid the perceived danger. If one is experiencing anxiety it is very necessary to reduce one's stress levels.

 5. Stay off the social media:
Indeed the rise in numerous sensationalist media and the rapid development of fake news have resulted in lots of panicking at the moment all over the world. Some controlled social media platforms are championing the dissemination of these fake news thereby leading to more panic attacks. Opportunists are also using this period to expand their businesses by initiating and causing fear in people, capitalizing on it and taking advantage of vulnerable people. Quit or reduce your presence from the social media if experiencing panicking or anxiousness , this will make you feel better.

6. Avoid alcohol:
Alcohol are made of stimulants that can make the body to feel agitated and anxious. Too much alcohol  can harm the liver whose job is to break down harmful substances in the body. Alcohol may cause bladder or kidney problems which is not good for your health and overall well being. Alcohol should be avoided like a plague during this pandemic!

7. Eat Healthy:
Foods play prominent role in our health and general well being. Let your diets consist of foods with vital nutrients needed by the body such as  water, vegetables and fruits. Let you food be your medicine!

8. Stop smoking:
Giving up smoking makes sense more during this pandemic because corona virus is also a respiratory illness that affects the lungs. Smoking causes lungs diseases such as bronchitis, cancer etc. If one is asthmatic it can trigger an attack or make an attack worse. In this period of pandemic make sure your lungs are clean and healthy.

9. Reduce caffeine:
 Caffeine consist of stimulants that are harmful to the body when taking excessively. Reducing the amount of caffeine injected into the body on daily basis can help in managing anxiety amidst the pandemic at home.

10. Be kind:
The corona virus pandemic is one of the greatest challenges that befall mankind in a century. We all need each to see life through this pandemic. Kindness to one another will go along way in restoring our world. Be kind to everyone most especially, to people who are depending on you for survival.  Let love lead and always do your best to share love. A single phone call or text message can do lots of magic. By doing this, you will overcome anxiety and heal yourself.

Remember to maintain social distancing with your families and observe all safety precautions by keeping good hand hygiene. Health is wealth!


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