COVID-19 Pandemic: Reasons Why Anxiety Is On The Increase

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a Mental health disorder characterised by feelings of fear that has the capacity to interfere with one's daily activities.

Anxiety is an intense worry about everyday situations. It is the way our body responds to fear physically.

Can Anxiety land one at the hospital?

Yes, Anxiety has the capacity to get one critically Hospitalized!

The rate of people experiencing Anxiety today is on the high side due to the presence  of COVID-19 globally.

Therefore, it is quite important for you to control your emotions and how your body reacts to things or events because, the hospital is not a fun nor good place to be right now.

Anxiety could be normal if you are preparing to take an examination, make a public speech or engaged in any stressful situations.

But, if you are not under any form of physical stressful situations at the moment and you are experiencing an all consuming feelings of fear and anxiousness.

It is Anxiety which is an indicator of an impeding disease which is strong enough to interfere with your daily living activities.

Anxiety could make a parent feel his or her child has contracted or has been infected with COVID-19 when it is not really true.

An Anxious parent will mix all sorts of herbs or medications and give to her kids when they sneeze.

Why? Because of inherent fear! This act alone is capable of causing serious harm or damages to your children's health aftermath.

Anxiety will make you feel your husband, wife or partner has been infected with COVID-19 when He or She yawns twice a day.

Anxiety will make you feel you got the Corona Virus when you feel little headaches.

It's the way our body and hormones were built to react to danger and avoid danger.

Anxiety is characterized by the following symptoms:

▪Hot and Cold Flushes
▪Panick Attacks
▪Rapid Breathing
▪Fast Heart Rate
▪Persistent Sweating
▪Amongst others

You can't afford to allow fear and anxiety to over rule your life Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic.

It is your responsibility as a parent to be strong for your kids and other family members depending on you for survival during this trying time. Same goes to everyone around the world.

Panic kills faster than the pandemic!

Always Remember to maintain social distancing with your families and observe all safety precautions.

In my next post I will share 10 remarkable ways of managing Anxiety amidst CONVID-19 pandemic at home. Watch out for it!

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