Top 7 Habits That Causes Skin Dryness

Perhaps, you have wondered why your skin or some people skin are so dry and rough on the surface.

Findings have revealed that, there are some habits/lifestyle that are responsible in making the skin dry out. A healthy skin is very important in the overall health and general well being of a person. People experience dry skin as a result of many factors.

Below, are some among the numerous ways, in which our daily habits have speed up the process of irritating and drying up the skin:

1. Not drinking enough water:
Water is an essential nutrient needed by the body to keep its operations going and also helps in preventing it from being grounded. When the body lacks enough water it causes dehydration of the body and by extension the skin. The skin is built in such a way that, it produces an oil called sebum naturally. The job of the sebum is to keep the skin moist and hydrated thereby, protecting the skin cells from infections. It is important to form the habit of drinking enough water on daily basis. This will enhance the skin lubrication thereby keeping the whole body and the skin hydrated. 

2. Harsh soaps:
The use of harsh soaps on the skin is one of the major factors responsible for skin dryness, pimples, roughness and irritation. When choosing or using a soap, it is very vital for you to place importance on your skin health above the fragrance of such a soap. Your questions should be how does my skin feel about this soap? Is my skin reacting to it badly? What are the active ingredients used in manufacturing the soap? Are they good or harsh?. Some bathing soaps and facial care products have proven to be too harsh on the skin, thereby irritating and damaging the skin surfaces.

3. Chemicals/Exfoliators:
Chemicals, such as alcohol, dioxane, petroleum, artificial fragrance, and so on are used in manufacturing some of these body products and cosmetics such as body creams and artificial colors. These no doubt, contributes heavily in ruining the skin textures. Some toning and bleaching creams are not left out in this category. Including chemical and mechanical exfoliators. A study was carried out to determine the effects of these exfoliator on the skin and the authors found out that, the combination of these two can improve the skin elasticity but over using them could cause serious irritation and make the skin worse. Hence, it is necessary to develop the habit of prioritizing your skin health over your wants when choosing skin care or skin maintenance products.

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4. Skin Conditioners/Moisturizers:
Skin conditioners and moisturizers can cause skin dryness and make the skin to become itchy and flaky. Some skin moisturizers contain drying agents that has the capacity to make the skin very dry and rough. it is very good to moisturize your skin with organic products that has no active drying agents in them. Make it a habit of purchasing skin-friendly moisturizers or use natural moisturizers such as coconut oil, Shea butter or pure aloe Vera. Moisturizing on daily basis with healthy ointments and creams will help the body in retaining water.

5. Bad bathing habits:
Habits such as bathing with extremely hot water strips the skin of it its natural oils. It is better to bath with warm water. And also, the amount of time spent on water also contributes heavily in causing skin dryness. According to, American Academy of Dermatology recommendation, showers and baths should be limited to 5-10 or less, this will help dry skin to heal and replenish itself.

6. Humidifiers: 
Frequent exposure to home or office heating systems and air conditioners (AC) indoors removes moist from the air thereby, stripping the skin of it natural oils. If you are experiencing drying skin it is necessary you limit your exposure to the humidifiers and enjoy more fresh air out door.   

7. Harsh weather:
Constant exposure to harsh cold or hot direct sun has the capacity to cause skin dryness, and infections. Always protect yourself very well from extreme cold weather and scourging sun. This can be achieved through proper body clothing. 

 No one likes nor wishes to have a rough, flaky, patches dry skin! A healthy skin means a healthy body and this equals a healthy life. it is our sole responsibility to take care of our skin and protect it from infections by observing healthy habits and lifestyles.

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