Children Who Are Slow In Learning

Give the children who are slow in learning an equal chance and opportunity by letting them learn at their own pace. 

Teach slowly if you are an educationist or teacher, so that, they could be carried along in classroom works and exercises. 

Pay attention to every child's needs and devout extra time for those who are slow in learning. 

Every child mustn't catch up on the subject at the same time. Some children requires extra attention.

Work them through and they will be on their way like others. 

Ask questions and use repetition techniques and consistent emphasis while teaching. 

Make homework or assignments short and simple. Without much complications or complexity.

That way, it becomes a lot easier for them to remember and recall. 

Then learning becomes more interesting and fun.

To parents your role is to connect with their teacher and work with them. Patiently guiding them until they achieve their potentials. 

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