7 Tips That Deals With The Negative Effects OF Cartoons ON Children

Oftentimes, parents are worried, complaining bitterly about how Cartoon Networks are taking over their little children rapidly. Some find it very difficult in regulating and controlling the children from being at the front of the Television set for significant numbers of hours daily. Others, are currently at the verge of exploding due to Incessant yelling and shouting that amounts to no credible solutions.

Worry no more!

I am here to help and guide you on how best to handle these challenges. I will provide you with the best strategies to deal with these side effects of watching cartoons on the children. Numerous ways work perfectly in dealing with this issue but I will briefly point out 7 of them below (If you would like to engage me one-on-one for more practical ways and details, please feel free to join Parenting Kids Academy).

These include but not limited to;

1▪Encourage more of Outdoor Games and Recreational Activities: Play is the highest form of research. The little run-around outside the home does a lot in a growing body and brain. It energies and stimulates the hormones responsible for their overall growth and development.

 Secondly, It is more profitable for the children to engage in play outside, comparable to sitting at the front of the TV set all day long. Health wise, it not even good for their eyes cells and their overall health.

2▪Educational Cartoons: Encourage more of Educational Cartons or TV programs with appropriate contents. For example; Cartoons that teaches the children Letters of Alphabets, Numbers, Colours, Spelling, Maps, Nursery Rhymes, Words, Shapes, History etc.

3▪Sit Down and Watch with them: Create time and watch with your children. This will allow you to select and explore appropriate channels for their age.

4▪Allocate a Specific Time or Hours for TV: You must establish the "TV time at home". This will limit the numbers of time spent at the front of the television. For instance, the television viewing periods could be from 5-7 pm weekdays or 10-12 pm on weekends depending on what suits your circumstances. This must be after their Homework or Assignments is been done ( If not, they would be carried away!).

5▪Select Informative Channels or Programs: Channels and shows like Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Mathematical or Spelling Bee competitions shows etc. are quite good for the growing children.

7▪Deploy Filtering and Monitoring Software/ Applications: Advancements in technologies today brought about different applications and programs that sieves out unwanted contents from whatever they have access to. This enables the removal of inappropriate contents or anything you don't want your children to see or know.

PS: This is the 3rd Series on this topic. The 1st and 2nd dealt extensively on the Negative impacts of watching cartoons on children and parents who watch 90% adults movies together with their little children respectively. It is remaining 2 more topics to go! If you missed the previous series please (scroll through the blog pages, every information is right there for your consumption).

If you are interested in knowing more on this topic or wants to be guided, please feel free to inbox me! Cheers

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