How To Teach Your Children Dental Hygiene

Teaching the children oral hygiene and most especially guiding them on how to brush their teeth properly is one of the personal care procedures that some parents find very difficult. Dental care is not rocket science! It is not all that difficult explaining to children how to brush and care for their teeth.

Healthy teeth play an important role in a child's overall health and well being. Do not joke with it! Any behaviour children learnt when they were younger will stay with them till adulthood. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach them proper oral hygiene. By setting good oral care habits and leading by example.

Poor oral hygiene can lead to tooth decay, mouth infections and diseases. And this will affect the children eating, drinking and talking. Dental Treatment will cost you a lot out of your pockets. Hence, you need to groom them with the proper dental care habits today and save yourself the stress.

It is not too late nor too early to start teaching them good oral hygiene and proper brushing techniques.

You can teach or improve your children oral hygiene through the following ways:

1) Teach the children how to brush, floss and rinse their teeth properly right from the age of 1 or 2. As they grow let them understand the reasons why it is important to brush their teeth daily.

2) Get the child-size brushes for them. Allow them to choose their brushes and colours by themselves. This will make brushing very fun!

3) Teach them how to hold the -brush in the right angle because some of them find it quite difficult mastering the proper way to hold a brush. You can enhance this by demonstrating while brushing your teeth.

4) Allow them to choose toothpaste by themselves. This will make teeth brushing more interesting.

5) Make sure they brush their teeth at least for 2 good minutes before rinsing.

6) Diet is everything! Stop giving them sugary and sweet foods because they are the causative agents for teeth cavities and teeth disorders. That's holes that form on the teeth.

7) Inculcate foods that has the essential nutrients which help in fighting germs and strengthening the teeth.

Healthy teeth means a healthy life!

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