Parents Who Watch 90% Adults Movies Together With Their Little Kids

Movies are magical, entertaining and creative piece that resonates with everyone, regardless of age. Movies has the capacity to keep us spellbound. It relieves stress and promotes laughter. To children, it catapults them to the lands of fantasies.

Some movies are educative and trigger creativity in children. These kinds of movies helps children get an early start on learning and cognitive developments. They are called "kids friendly" movies. Examples of positive movies include; cartoons that teach the children, the letters of alphabets, numbers, colours, spelling, Nursery rhymes, words, shapes etc.

While some are quite negative and inappropriate. These class of movies are toxic and harmful to the growing children.  As a parent, it is your responsibility to regulate their exposure not to ENCOURAGE it, whether knowingly or unknowingly. You can't afford not to know or differentiate the positive types from the dangerous ones.

It is inappropriate to watch Adults movies that depict violence, encourages unruly and aggressive behaviours with the little children. Movies that promote the Use of foul languages shouldn't be found in your home. Establish your own Censorship Board at home that scrutinizes every CDs, DVDs and TV channels.

Movies with Sexual Innuendos and Bratty behaviours are bad role models to the children. Movies like these are very influential and corrupt the innocent minds of the children. Some kids got exposed to pornography and sexual activities at a very young age via this means.

Don't ever underestimate the mind of the children. Thinking "Oh they are children, they can't see or understand". Have you ever wondered, where they learnt some certain things they say and some shitty behaviours they exhibit?

Their subconscious mind is more powerful than you can imagine. It can copy, emulate, imitate, practice and replicate.  It is like a "blank slate" anything written on it stays forever. Be careful of what you write!

Do your best to protect your little children from these wolfs in sheep clothing.

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