Boosting Confidence In Children





Once your child starts attending school, you will want him or her to express their feelings clearly and comfortably and take part in conversations and class discussions. You will also want them to ward off strangers that wants to intimidate them in their various schools or on the Street by putting up strong bold fronts. Right?

This book illustrates that Confidence is one vital foundational asset every child needs in life. It Is as important as the mind because, one's position in life's cadre is often determined and dependent on the mind and by extension the degree of confidence wired in you.

 If you are not confident enough, you can't sit with the kings or dine with the queens nor push your dreams in life. Greatness starts from the mind, and confidence is one of the vital ingredients of the mind, backed up by good communication skills.

As a person you might have a great mind, but you need confidence and effective communication skills to let the content embedded in the great mind out for the world to see, know and drink from it. No one has the capacity to see or read the mind except God. We as mortal human beings can only have a glimpse of the mind through the actions exhibited and attitudes towards life.

Dear parents, you must know that you have 80% portion in shaping the lives of your children. Confidence is not sold in the market, neither is it inherited nor assumed, it's built. You achieve this by teaching them confidence building skills and strategies, modelling it (confidence) for them to emulate, so therefore, you have to be a confident parent first, children learn more by what they see and observe.

The procedure starts with first, self-confidence, being able to speak to oneself (inward) and secondly, public confidence (outward) that’s being able to speak to the public or group of people confidently. This is an asset your children will need throughout their lives journey on earth. Even when they must have gained independence from you, the ripple effects know no bounds. Remember you are their first teacher and their education should begin at home not in school.

Confidence usually is wonderfully accompanied with effective communication skills; this seed should be sown at a very tender age. This is 21st century, they are not too young, they will understand it just like some of their game’s strategies. Children of this century think, reason and behave like adults, some are even smarter than some adults. So therefore, start building them with the right core values now, age is not an excuse!

Confidence equals to courage, it makes children outstanding, smarter and courageous. Standing out among their equals or peers and reaching their dreams. Sow the seeds of self-worth and confidence in them today and they will grow with it unequivocally.


This is a short foundational book which brought out 15 Premium points to limelight, that serves as cardinal tips for parents and teachers. The goal of the book is to raise smart children by boosting their confidence. The difference between an intelligent/smart child and a dull child is the level/degree of confidence embedded in each child. Some kids are quite intelligent, but you won’t know because they lack the confidence to prove or express so (adults inclusive).

The book is a manual guide that elaborated on the major fragment of parenting and children upbringing that's often neglected by parents. The book calls for the right atmosphere and environment that will enable the growing children to cultivate the seed of confidence in them. Every great achievement, invention, innovation and ground-breaking research starts with confidence.

 The book is an antidote to doubt, low self-esteem, fear and disbelief. The book is concise, precise; easy to read and understand. Even without any form of education you will definitely grasp and understand the message because, it is structured with simple language.

We strongly recommend it for every parent, teacher and children handlers.

The amazing thing is that THE BOOK IS FREE!


Confidence is Luminous, it gives one the feeling of succeeding in any sphere of life even without having the required knowledge, elements or pre-conditions to success. The attitude, belief and feeling that one is good enough and has the ability to succeed at something is paramount and shouldn't be treated with kids gloves. It is your sole responsibility as a parent to cultivate, instill, model and build self confidence in your child. Your duty as a parent is never limited to the boundaries of providing food, shelter and education. It transcends the boundaries of the afore-mentioned to inculcating relevant values, skills, attitudes and information.

So, I encourage parents to be sensitive and responsible, focus should also be placed on the children’s psychological needs that transcends the boundaries of the 3 necessities of life.

The book is FREE please download the book via this link below;

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