Why The Education Of Your Child Should Begin At Home

"Train up a child the way he should go, when he's old he will not depart from it."

This is a biblical statement that is often made like a swan song in the society, commonly used in a euphoric manner to ascribe the upbringing of children and wards. Priests and Pastors makes a sermon out of it. Marriage counselors makes a lullaby to the soon-to-be couples. In fact, even the children seem to reel out the scripture from their Sunday school lecture with all their child-like glory.

With respect to all these, one would think that parents would buckle up (as the message seem to be directly to them) to the instruction from the book of wisdom. But taking a bird's eye view, it is saddening to see that most parents have relegated such roles to the SCHOOL system; the school now seems to be the one doing the parenting of a child or ward.

It is so bad to the extreme that most parents and guardians have washed their hands off the affair of their children unconsciously, expecting the school to give, fix, and handle all that pertains to raising their children, except feeding, clothing and shelter. When such expectations are not met, they flare up about the school and how such school give trashy EDUCATION to their children for the LARGE school fees paid.

Dear parents reading this, a good EDUCATION you should know begins at HOME. You cannot blame a school for not nurturing values in your child that you've not instilled. It is not the duty of the school to first instill values you expect from your children; it is your responsibility first.

It is your duty to plant and water those desirable attributes that you so admire in other children you see around; the school doesn't sow the seeds. Rather, the school helps to nurture those values that have been planted. They help to fine-tune it, pruning the weeds of vices that the child may have acquired in the secret when no one is watching.

If you're the parent that have high expectations from the school as regard a child being turned into a champion without so much as an involvement on your part, then do not complain. The school cannot do everything for your kids; the school is one of the important things in your kids life. And this isn't forever. But you, you're an important entity in your kids life till you breath your last.

You have the greatest influence over your kids life. This means that you have the greatest responsibility over them. It means, you owe them a lot to instill what will make them better kids and eventually adults that blazes the trail.

Here's the scripture again: Train up a child... And we all know a child comes from a home. Therefore, the home is where the child learns first; it is where a child gets his first education. It is where kids learns greeting, addressing elders with their proper title, etiquettes, and knowing rights from wrongs, etc. The school is the secondary place where the child learns the other aspect of education. Reading, writing, communication with the outside world etc.

In truth, the parents and the school works hand in hand for the proper development of the child. It is a combined effort, and not a one-sided affair. But it first of all begins at home. All parents should know this. Leaving all to the school with so much expectation is the beginning of a failed upbringing.

The education and upbringing of our children cannot be toiled with or handled with laxity. Our society is hurdled with vices because of the nonchalant attitude of some parents, most of which would have been curtailed if they sat up to the responsibility in their palms.

Charity begins at home. Rephrased as; Character begins at home. The Education of every child begins at home. Parents, you're the first teacher of your kids. You owe them the responsibility of instilling into them the rudiments of Education.

A sound education begins at home.


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