How To Build The Kids Talents

Have you ever wondered why your little boy will pick up your broken torchlight or rechargeable lantern to fix? Have you ever wondered why your little girl would always want to be the one to choose the clothes she wants to wear?

Have you ever wondered why your teenage boy will dismantle your bad DVD player, TV set or Radio set to repair? Have you ever wondered why your teenage girl sketches and draw almost flawlessly?

At times your boys succeed in getting some of your damaged properties fixed, while sometimes they don't. They damage it more, even beyond repair. Most parents will understand the picture I am trying to paint here more.

Watch and observe what your child does during his play or free time with keen Interest; you will most definitely see what he enjoys doing.

Their attitude and actions will depict it vividly as they advance in age. "Play is the highest form of Research". Moderate play make children more cognitive, innovative, creative and objective. Scientifically, it spurs them into asking questions. One question will lead to another, and one resolution to another. Believe me children are very inquisitive and observant, and these are the fundamental attributes of researchers and legal advocates.

Don't make the mistake of underrating the “mind” of your child. That covert thing you are trying so hard to hide from him, just forget it, he will find out most eventually, and usually in a dubious way. Reason why parents are shocked to their marrows when they hear some certain things from their supposed sweet and innocent children.

The 21st century kids are smarter compared to their age. In fact, age has nothing to do with the smartness of kids this age. A ten year old could hold it's own against a twenty year old. If you're not aware, well, have it at the back of your mind. This is the age of colour TVs, Mobile phones, Internet, DSTVs, Play Stations (PS), Games, Laptops, IPads etc. At such, kids are increasingly exposed to whole lots of things, philosophies, ideologies, each day and that's why you have to be involved in everything they do as a parent.

As an intentional parent when you discover your child's inherent greatness, please don't take it for granted. Encourage and model him or her towards that 'bigger picture'. Their education should begin at home.

Those bestowed with creative writing will manifest their love for pen, ink, paper and other edifying stationeries. Those bestowed with fashion greatness will crystalize too, they could manifest via their love for colours, clothes, fabrics, designs. Please watch them closely.

Those that will fulfill engineering and architectural purposes will manifest via their shabby constructions with sands, sticks, muds, cartons etc. Never mind their epileptic bridges, houses and empires ( it's Innovation in progress) watch them closely. Those created for medical greatness will equally manifest, their love and passion to save lives will tell you. Make effort to know.

Those created for the screen and the media are not left out either. They often grow up to become wonderful actors, actresses, OAPs, presenters, newscasters, journalists etc, make conscious effort to know. These ones like to mimic roles often. And they talk a lot.

Those bestowed with leadership greatness will manifest as well. These kind of kids always have the interests  of other people at heart other than themselves. Naturally, they are public Spirited. Does your kid often use these words, "let us do this", in the midst of other children, and they listen?

Same as those bestowed with the mandate to become Reverends and Pastors. They are often naturally humane, adores God and church activities, always engaged with church activities, programs or the other. You can't afford not to know! The ones blessed with a good "voice" will also manifest as they grow older. Their love for music, sound, Instruments will tell you. Please encourage them.

Those bestowed with creative arts greatness will manifest as well. The manifestation might be infinitesimal, but you will most definitely know if you are conscious enough. The signs might be incessant playing with pencils in view of sketches, drawings, love of paints, colours, crayons, water colours etc.

Same goes for those bestowed with entrepreneurial greatness, political greatness, banking greatness, social greatness, accounting greatness, business greatness, legal greatness etc.

This is not to say there aren't lawyers, doctor, engineers etc, that aren't earning much from what they do. Bottom line is, allow your children to excel in their area of strengths and passions. Let your child be happy, recognize his thresholds of greatness and encourage him towards that path of greatness.


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  1. I really enjoyed this article! It made me think about myself as a child. I was often told that I talk too much, and now as an adult I am a speaker using online video, and at workshops, conferences, and in churches. What can seem like an annoyance as a child, can be put in you from God, to help you carry out your purpose as an adult.