7 Things You Should Never Tell Your Child As A Parent

Things You Should Never Tell Your Child

Some parents are fond of saying most of these to their children not knowing they are negatively passing messages to them. See seven things you should never say to your children as a parent below

1. Marrying your mother or father was a mistake I will always regret for the rest of my life. This statement is an indication of a parent harboring bitterness from the past. (Come out from the past and let go).

2. You were actually born by mistake; I never wanted you in the first place. Oh, how I wished I had aborted you then. (Now that he or she is here, please love him or her immensely. Don't pass the message of rejection to the innocent child).

3. Dullard! If you continue this way, you will never make it in life. (Stop berating the child. Instead, guide him or her on how to succeed in life).

4. I can't afford your school fees because we are poor. (Hustle hard and pay for your child's education. Ignorance is cheap to afford).

5. You can't have this because my parents never gave it to me when i was about your age. And you don't even deserve it. (This breaks a child's Spirit. You're telling the child he/she doesn't deserve to have anything in life).

Things You Should Never Tell Your Child

6. Because of what you did, no food for you today, this will serve as a punishment. (Punish a child by any other means but not with food).


You don't know how much the food you eat in this house pains me. (This triggers the feeling of unwanted or unloved in a child's psychology).

7. My dreams and career failed  because of you. (Dreams never die; only you can kill it by stopping to dream. You can dream and build again with him or her).

Dear parents, If you are guilty of any of these mentioned above please do well to amend today in order to avoid ending up with a psychologically damaged child.

Be mindful of what you tell your child. Learn how to control your anger, temper, bitterness and outbursts.

They are children because they have fewer life experiences and it's our responsibility to be patient and compassionate with our kids.



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