Six Secrets Children Hide From Their Parents

Children could be very funny and very smart at the same time. Which is why you have to watch them carefully at every given time.

Yes, of course, they are innocent sweet little things, adorable to behold, but you must know and understand that they are humans like you too and also have the capacity to keep secrets from you, just as you would from other people. Don't make the mistake of not knowing!

Children are very smart especially this 21th century kids; some outsmart their parents very well most times. Research has shown that every given generation of children are way smarter than the former. We see this at play everyday. My Six year old niece can send a text message with her Dad's smartphone. Imagine!

So you see, this generation of kids could hide information under your nose, under your roof and keep you clueless. Never you make the mistake of underestimating the mind of a child. The subconscious mind of a child is more active than that of an adult. This is another fact. Hence the caption: Catch Them Young.

In reality before parents discover some of these secrets, things might have become worse or too late. Things might have spiraled out of control.

Here are the six secrets among others:

1} INJURY: When a child sustains an injury most especially from fighting, a fall from climbing a tree, rough play, treading on places or zones you have warned him or her not to go etc, he or she won't tell you. Any injury sustained from any of these sources will be hidden at least not immediately.

This information will be hidden until you start sensing or noticing some funny attitudes or behaviours such as limping, whimpering in pains etc. By then such injury must have escalated or developed into a serious health issues. A child could have an internal injury without your knowledge. Learn first aid basics for parents.

I handled an issue last month of a child who was pierced by rusted nail and broken bottles while playing. He did not inform his parents about it; he kept mute like a mouse. Unfortunately, he fell sick and the truth spilled out from him eventually. His father was mad with anger and the mother felt weak. I encouraged them not to bother, that it wasn't really their fault. What mattered now was taking care of his health and him getting better. There are first aid checklists that you should be familiar with as a parent running a home and children.

Note: They are children because they have fewer life experiences. The little boy hid this delicate information from his parents because he doesn't understand the health implications of hiding such information. Plus guilt from getting such injury added to the reason for his silence. So, you have to watch your children every time.

2} INFLUENCE OF BULLIES: Bullies who are usually sadists and mean older children influence younger children enormously. It will take a century for a child under their
influence to open up to you. The psychological influence is quite ginormous hence the need to learn how to stop a bully.

Bullies make use of the instrumentalities of debilitating words, abuse and threats to control their victims. Bullies are everywhere in the family, in the church, in the school, etc. Be a sensitive parent!

Note: It is your responsibility as a parent to discover this covert secret and deal with it immediately deploying everything possible under your control. In fact, protect your children from bullies. Some bullies were once good kids; they were influenced because their parents were not watchful. There are bullying prevention mechanism you can put in place.

3} THINGS THAT ARE NOT THEIRS: A child could pick up things that are not his or hers, come home with the very thing and hide it. Things like children's games, toys, books, pens, dolls, football, crayons, pencils, money etc.

The child might not really know it's wrong to do so, while some may know but will still go ahead and take their friends or classmates things for the pleasure of doing so. It's a habit that should be treated and corrected as soon as you discover.

Note: Make out time to go through your child's school bag after school and also his or her clothes box once in a while. If you notice things under his or her possession or among his or her properties that are not his or hers, that you are sure you didn't buy for him or her, raise an alarm don't keep quiet. Call him or her for discussions, sit him or her down, then ask where he or she got it from. Admonish him or her and tell him or her to return it to the rightful owner.

A child could be taking your money without your knowledge and this could transcend to a shameful habit if not corrected on time.

This is also how you know if your child is possibly being lured for abuse or not. Be a conscious parent!

4} ABUSIVE OLDER PEOPLE: A child could be psychologically, emotionally and sexually abused without the knowledge of the parents. And such child won't tell his or parents because the abuser must have threatened to kill him or her if the secret is divulged. Hence, the child will hide this pathetic information.

Some children are already victims of these barbaric acts; they're haunted by monsters in sheep clothing. Often times, parents don't get to know about this evil until it is too late.

Note: Those who take advantage of little children known as "peadophiles" are everywhere today, in the school, in the church, even in the family. Thus, 360 degree watchfulness has to be adopted So that you don't end up with a psychologically damaged child. Encourage your child to speak up if there is any abusive older person threatening him or her. Watch what comes to their hands.

Once in a while conduct sanity check by asking random questions; listen to the answers given attentively. Watch their countenance when they are responding. A child under threat will show it off by the look of fear or silence. Know your child!

5} MALICIOUS FRIENDS: Some friends are very dangerous and harmful, such friends should not be allowed to communicate with your children. These malicious friends could be same age mate with your child or older friends. Such friends specialise in sowing negative vices or weeds after you must have sown good seeds in your children's mind. Know the intricacies of playground bullying and how to eradicating it.

They play on their minds, teaching them unhealthy things that is capable of leading a child to destruction. Some expose the innocent children to dangerous and harmful ideologies and Philosophies.

Be mindful of those who befriend your children, both Adults and children alike. If you don't like the characters or behaviours of any friend of theirs or suspects anything funny or bad influence,  cut off the communication immediately.

Deploy everything under your control to do so. They pretend to be friends but in reality they are agents of darkness that will over cloud your child if you don't discover early. And yes, they are everywhere. So be watchful.

6} EXPOSURE TO EXTREME VIOLENT/PORNOGRAPHIC FILMS/MUSIC VIDEOS: A child watching or exposed to these kind of films won't tell you. This activity takes place in secret, when you are not around. This is one of the top challenges the 21th century parents are battling today. This is an era of massive technological development, era of phones, laptops, internet, satellite etc.

Note: You can control the kind of movies they watch at home you have the power to do so as a parent. Some nonsense movies shouldn't be allowed into your home. You shouldn't even create the room for it. The mind of a child is too fragile please!

Monitor and sensor every conceivable movie, including there personal computers, sometimes make out time and sit with them and watch some of their movies with them. Including their cartoons some of these cartoons are extremely violent and lack any good education. The world is not what it used to be, when it was thought that all cartoons are educative. There are pornographic cartoons as well.

Encourage them to watch educative films and education oriented documentaries. Some of their cartoons films should teach them how to solve Mathematics, read and write in English (e.g Aqueelah And The Spelling Bee)

Another one is the music videos they listen and watch, especially on Cable Tvs. If you can, scramble channels whose musical content is not worth emulating or watching. Let them listen to music that educates them, and keep them spiritually conscious.

Children have fast memories and sharp minds. Don't ever underestimate this!

Finally: Children are always scared of sharing sensitive information with their parents because they are afraid of their parents reactions such as being beaten, being yelled at or starved. It is your responsibility to encourage them to speak up and share their life's secrets and challenges. Please be your children best friend!

Don't be a lion parent or king pharaoh parent in your home. Understand these children God entrusted to you and help them.

I hope these outlined secrets will help you to discover some of the secrets chidren hid and also help you with practical solutions to repositioning your children? Be a conscious parent!


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